A Happy Ending for Lincoln and Max

I just received an email from Sue L. who adopted Max and Lincoln from us on June 8. Here is what she said of her happy additions:

What fun it has been! I wasn’t sure they would like me let alone each other. Well, with some time and patience they’re inseparable and I love them (I think they kinda like me too!). Glad I found YOU, Animeals!
– Sue L.

Thanks Sue!

Fancy and Wednesday Find Homes!


We had two very special adoptions yesterday .  . . Fancy and Wednesday. Fancy was adopted by a very sweet couple who we know will take great care of her, she is going to be thier office cat, making sure the copier keeps running and refilling the stapler.

Wednesday was taken home by a young couple, she will be gaining a whole new family. They have one other cat and a dog! We’re sure Wednesday will be very happy.

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