New AniMeals PSA!

We have a new PSA that will be airing January 2010.

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Help us feed hungry animals.

Kato and Kitty


Kato and Kitty are brother and sister and as of today the only family they have left is each other. Both remember a time when they shared a warm house together, curling up on sofas and sharing dishes of kibble. That is all gone now. Their owner developed a nearly life threatening allergy to the two cats that she loved. She had to surrender them to AniMeals. We know there is someone out there who would bring both of these cats home together, but at this point we are looking for a home for either one of them.

They have each adjusted to shelter life differently, Kitty reaches out, she comes to you and wants to replace the love she once had. Kato has become shy, still sweet, he takes some coaxing to get out of his safe zone. Kato and Kitty have been here for over half a year, quietly keeping each other’s hopes up. This brother and sister need some help and new families. Call 406.721.4710 if you are the person that can fulfill Kato and Kitty’s dream of a new home.

Cat of the Day: Ms. Arbunkle


He put her in the bedroom and stuffed a towel under the door, sealing it shut. A single piece of tape held her medical records eye-level so that whoever found him in the morning would know about his pet. Then he walked into the kitchen and turned on the gas. Tired of living, Ms. Arbunkle’s owner surrendered himself to the longest sleep, but he knew he couldn’t take his cat with him. He loved her more than he loved himself. Ms. Arbunkle is still waiting at AniMeals for that special person to take her home.

Cat of the Day: Smokey!


Smokey has the same sad story we’ve heard too many times. Pets who are simply not convenient anymore, pets who don’t fit into the owner’s lifestyle are simply given away when their owner’s move. Smokey deserves someone with a lifestyle that includes keeping him in their home forever.

Smokey will also soon be featured on

Go check him out!

Congratulations China! AniMeals Cat of the Day


China is an AniMeals favorite, but she has been here too long! We know she is trying to impress you becuase she’s lost seven pounds in the past couple weeks due to a new diet and more exercise with the kittens.

Take China home today and help this fat cat continue on her way to being a skinny kitty.