Moo Kitty

Watch a Video of Moo Kitty Here!

Moo Kitty has been at AniMeals for a long time. She is a bit shy and maybe this is why she has gone overlooked, because it certainly isn’t because of her beautiful face!

Below is an excerpt from the letter that came with Moo when she was given to AniMeals:

Hello My People!! My foster parents found me screaming my lungs out one late Saturday night next to some dumpsters. They chose to nickname me “Princess Meow Meow.” You may call me what you’d like though.

When they brought me home I was a little frightened for they had six cats and three dogs of varying sizes. I thought I might be eaten! Instead, they allowed me to eat and drink from their bowls. I was famished. The next day I was playing with a kitten and even let the dogs have a smell. They are so rude!

I enjoy a lap and love to lick. I think humans taste so good because I will lick their entire body if you let me. My short hair doesn’t shed and I am white so I go with any type of decor.  I am mature and prefer a home with adults only. I also have a very refined palate and prefer human food. I survived by snacking on leftovers from the dumpster you know. People through away the best scraps! I’m sure good kitty food will curve that.

I am lonely here at AniMeals, even though there are humans here I need someone of my own to lie on their chest and purr them to sleep. Perhaps, maybe, it’s you.


Moo Kitty formerly Princess Meow Meow

Watch a Video of Moo Kitty Here!

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Kato and Kitty


Kato and Kitty are brother and sister and as of today the only family they have left is each other. Both remember a time when they shared a warm house together, curling up on sofas and sharing dishes of kibble. That is all gone now. Their owner developed a nearly life threatening allergy to the two cats that she loved. She had to surrender them to AniMeals. We know there is someone out there who would bring both of these cats home together, but at this point we are looking for a home for either one of them.

They have each adjusted to shelter life differently, Kitty reaches out, she comes to you and wants to replace the love she once had. Kato has become shy, still sweet, he takes some coaxing to get out of his safe zone. Kato and Kitty have been here for over half a year, quietly keeping each other’s hopes up. This brother and sister need some help and new families. Call 406.721.4710 if you are the person that can fulfill Kato and Kitty’s dream of a new home.

AniMeals Cat of the Day

Sweet as syrup, this lively girl needs a new home.

She was born at AniMeals and as a small kitten someone came to adopt her. The person seemed perfect, she was going to live in the country and help catch mice all day. She was going to go to a home that had friends waiting for her, another dog and cat. Pancake thought that all her dreams were coming true, that was until that same person brought her back.

For now she plays with other cats and watches them come and go, remembering the home she used to have.

Adopt Pancake and take home a cat who is sweet as maple syrup.