Coco is a beautiful Seal Point Ragdoll that was brought into AniMeals just a few days ago. She has soft fur and loves to be handled with care. When you pet her she ducks her head down into your hand, just loving every minute of it.

Coco is a true Ragdoll in her quiet temperament and love of cuddling.

The first Ragdoll cats were bred by an American, Ann Baker, whose white long-haired cat Josephine was involved in a road accident that left her with permanet injuries. When Josephine eventually had kittens they were found to have particularly placid temperaments and would completely relax when picked up, reminiscent of a rag doll.

The breed allegedly has an inability to feel pain or fear . . . . though we are sure Coco has been more than a  little scared during her time without a home.

Come today to look into Coco’s clear blue eyes and and just try to tell her you can’t take her home!

See you in the New Year everyone!