Cat of the Day: Smokey!


Smokey has the same sad story we’ve heard too many times. Pets who are simply not convenient anymore, pets who don’t fit into the owner’s lifestyle are simply given away when their owner’s move. Smokey deserves someone with a lifestyle that includes keeping him in their home forever.

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AniMeals Cat of the Day

Sweet as syrup, this lively girl needs a new home.

She was born at AniMeals and as a small kitten someone came to adopt her. The person seemed perfect, she was going to live in the country and help catch mice all day. She was going to go to a home that had friends waiting for her, another dog and cat. Pancake thought that all her dreams were coming true, that was until that same person brought her back.

For now she plays with other cats and watches them come and go, remembering the home she used to have.

Adopt Pancake and take home a cat who is sweet as maple syrup.