Tuesday with Chyna Buffet

The footsteps came and went this morning leaving a now-empty food dish underneath Chyna’s head.  With all the effort she could muster, she shifted her weight to face a different direction so that the bowl was no longer in her way. The footsteps would be back and her dish would disappear, but she didn’t feel like waiting, as the food coma was about to kick in.  She glanced longingly behind her at the rows of donated food and began to daydream again about a world where food was everywhere and ready to be eaten all the time.  Her eyelids fluttered as she started purring at the thought of a meow mix bath.  All of the sudden, she was jolted out of her reverie by the sound of hissing on the desk above her bed.  It was Coco….Chyna pretended to be asleep again out of lack of any other ideas and opened one eye to see if Coco walked away.  Whew. She had.  Chyna laid back down and scarfed up a few morsels from her morning feast that were left on her bed, thankful that Coco didn’t find them first and eat them.  Back to sleep she went until the hissing noise was now replaced with a shrewd meow …….Coco was back….but what did she want from Chyna???……….stay tuned to find out…

2 thoughts on “Tuesday with Chyna Buffet

  1. Oh Chyna you are a movie star! You are so wise in you subtle ways, there is so much we could all learn from you. Will you be our teacher?

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