Gizmo’s Issue Revealed…

Gizmo had a plan on how to address his issue, and he knew Matt, of all people, would be the one he could confide in.  Gizmo was certain that if he let his mom know, she would merely giggle and think it was “cute” and tell all of her friends about how “cute” it was that he had an issue like the one he had.  Gizmo sat down, looked at the clock, cocked his head, thought for a moment, and decided it was time.  Within a few seconds of this final decision, Matt scooped him up and took him to the van for their usual work day routine.  He knew it was good timing because it was sunny and there were only maybe five visible cotton ball-looking clouds pasted against the baby blue sky…and that made Gizmo think of the song his mom had played at least 100 times in the last month by George Strait “Baby Blue”…oops sidetracked!  He refocused…Okay, so they did their rounds, and finally, just as Gizmo had predicted, they stopped at the river.  *GULP*…here it was……he had to let him know.  He had spent so much time listening to Matt tell people how awesome it will be in the summer when Gizmo can go in the water and splash around when they take their lunch breaks…..Gizmo had also heard his mom say over and over that she always wanted a dog that liked the water…..he just couldn’t pretend any longer…here it was.  Matt picked him up and headed toward the river………Gizmo, without thinking, began squirming and tried crawling up Matt’s shoulder to get as far away from the moving water as possible.  He couldn’t go along with this anymore.  He could no longer front that he was “like a lab” (in that he liked water like labs do)… those were the words he had heard Matt use before.  Matt apparently wasn’t sure what Gizmo was doing, so he tried to calm him down and set him down on the river bank, and Gizmo seized the opportunity and took off running back toward the van!  This whole scenario had been played over and over in his mind, but it wasn’t supposed to go like this!  Matt, stunned, called for Gizmo, but Gizmo was so terrified of the water, he ran directly to the middle of underneath the van and crouched underneath it.  He felt as if his instincts had completely taken over and he had no control over what he was doing! He didn’t want Matt to be mad at him, but he was too embarrassed to come out now.  Maybe Matt would just forget about him and leave…Gizmo was certain he could find his way back home…somehow.  He started shaking thinking about the spectacle he had just caused.  Just as he was trying to remember the direction they had turned to get to the river in case he really did have to find his own way back, Matt’s hands pulled Gizmo’s little, shaking body out from under the van.  Gizmo immediately began to lick Matt’s hands, hoping for forgiveness.  Matt didn’t seem upset at all…but, Gizmo wasn’t sure if Matt understood just how hard he tried to be everything Matt wanted him to be.  He wasn’t sure if Matt would like him as much if he knew that he was completely terrified of the water. ..and then…….Matt said it… “Gizmo, I didn’t know you weren’t a fan of the water, buddy.  I’m sorry.” The clouds parted (metaphorically because as stated earlier, there were only five “cotton ball-looking clouds” in the sky…), the angels began to sing, etc…….it was over! He got it! Matt not only understood it, but he seemed to be okay with it! Although, Gizmo did notice something…in the van, Matt made sure Gizmo sat on the seat instead of on his lap………did Matt really think less of him now?  Gizmo hoped not, but why was Matt making such an effort to keep his distance?? Gizmo could only assume…

Check back next Monday for more…


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