Tips for Safe Camping with Pets!

Are you thinking about taking your dog camping? The outdoors is one of the best places to spend time with your dog. The dog loves all the new sights, sounds and smells. Here are a few tips that may make camping with your dog a bit more enjoyable and possibly safer.

  • Consider a pre-traveling vet visit.
    • Get current on all shots and vaccinations and obtain a Rabies tag for your dogs collar.
    • Consider a possible Lyme disease vaccine.
    • Obtain a current copy of their records and vet’s phone number.
  • Get a proper dog license & ID tags for your dog–there name, your name and address and phone number.
  • Temporary tags may be a good idea – name and phone number of where you are staying.
    • Microchips, tattoos and pet registries are also available.
    • Bring medications and copy of prescriptions.
  • Consider use of a crate for travel and short term restraint.
  • Don’t forget to pack plenty of water from home for your dog. Bring their regular food bowls, food and treats. To avoid problems, keep them on their regular schedule.
  • Bring their chew toys and dog brush.
  • Always bring their collar and leash. Extras may be a good ideas.
  • For unexpected situations, pack first aid items for your dog and also a towel. Obtain the phone number of a vet in the area where you are staying.
  • Check with your destination to be sure whether dogs are permitted. Pets are prohibited at many state and national parks. Try to get a site with some shade for your dog.
  • Many private campgrounds allow dog but it is of utmost importance that you respect the other campers around you.
    • Make sure you have complete control over your dog at all times. Keep them on their leash.
    • Do not allow your dog to bark. Frequent and continued barking disturbed the wildlife and other campers.
    • Closely supervise your dog around children, other visitors and other dogs.
    • Never leave your dog outside unattended.
    • Always pick up after your dog.
      • Make use of designated dog walking areas.
      • Use ziplock bags to pick up after them and properly dispose of it in appropriate trash containers.
  • Give your dog time to adjust to their new surroundings. Give them time to rest.
  • Watch that your dog doesn’t get tangled around tent poles or stakes, tables, trees, rocks etc.
  • Make sure your dog is getting enough exercise. But consider the effect of activity and energy levels on your dog health.
  • Be aware of how weather conditions effect your dog – heat, cold, rain etc.
  • Remove any leftover food after your dog eats. This food could attract unwanted insects or wildlife.
  • Be courteous of others while walking your dog. Keep your dog calm and controlled.
  • Consider your dogs sleeping arrangements.
  • Be aware that your dog may have increased exposure to ticks and fleas. Have the proper tick/flea collars, repellents or use Frontline applications. Other diseases can also be obtained from wild animals and insects.

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3 thoughts on “Tips for Safe Camping with Pets!

  1. If you are camping with a very small dog or cat a dog/cat exercise pen with a part mesh and part shade cover is essential to protect your pet from predators and large predatory birds. Stake the dog pen to the ground with tent stakes to prevent the pen from being pushed over easily. The pens fold flat and are very easy to store and transport. You can purchase one of these pens on ebay for about $50 or less ( We always take our dogs camping!!! We just had a terrible incident where our 4-lb chihuahua escaped out the cabin door unnoticed when we were packing our car at the very last minutes. Sadly, it has been 24 days…he still has not been found. The pen is great for containing your pet while your busy such as packing your car. Always keep your eye on them…even when they are in a pen. Pets can attract predators that you might not be aware of!!!! You are in their home when you are in the outdoors. Please do your best to protect your babies so you don’t have to go through what we are! I feel like I lost one of my kids. Be safe and enjoy the outdoors!!!!!

    1. Thanks…we learned a very hard lesson about little dogs and the great outdoors. We’ve always taken our big dogs (doberman and german shepherd) and this was only the second time the little dogs have went along…..we haven’t had them that long. But you can still camp without incident if you plan safely. Always think ahead! You’ll be glad you did in the long run!

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