Iris Has a Six-Month Minimum Recovery Period, and She Needs Your Help!

Iris (6)
(photo by Devin Chavez)

Iris went to the vet to get a dental exam and ended up having to have all but a few of her teeth pulled and even had infections down to the bone in the roots of her teeth.  The vet described Iris’s mouth as basically “hamburger”.  

This beautiful tabby needs to be in a home setting.  She can only eat wet food, and there will have to be regular cleanings of her mouth to ensure infection is prevented.

This is a special needs foster request for a very special family or individual.  Iris is a sweet kitty, and she needs a loving and sweet person to care for her in return.  

The shelter is not equipped for the constant care Iris will need during her six-month recovery, so it is important that we find a foster family for her as soon as possible.  If you can help Iris, PLEASE call AniMeals at 406.721.4710 or email us at  

If you are not in a position to foster, but you still want to help, please donate to AniMeals to support the full recovery of Iris, including medications, food, supplies, etc..

Thank you for your support of AniMeals and your compassion for animals in need.

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