Help Wilma Heal

(photo by Devin Chavez)

After arriving at AniMeals, Wilma isolated herself because she was terrified of the high level of activity in the shelter and overwhelmed by all of the new faces that had become a part of her new life. Losing her home proved very traumatic for Wilma. Her fear was so great that she didn’t even venture out to eat, resulting in significant weight loss.

Since being given her own accommodations, Wilma has started eating, but she needs the love and attention that only a family can give.

This three year-old beauty is affectionate, quiet and shy, and she needs a home as soon as possible. Wilma would most likely do well anywhere as long as she had her own space, but ideally, we believe she would thrive in a quiet, single-cat home.

Please call AniMeals at 406.721.4710 if you can help Wilma heal.

Thank you so much.

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